Pentha Digital


Design, Development and Animation

I was born and raised in Norway, but later moved to London where I had the opportunity to work with prominent companies like Digit, Neville Brody, and the Collective. My work involved collaborating with brands such as Honda, Universal, Kenzo, and Clarks. Subsequently, I co-founded my own company, Protean Productions, with a friend. Our primary focus was to cater to the Drum and Bass scene in London by creating sleeves, flyers, posters, branding, and websites during the early 2000s. We collaborated with labels and artists such as Dillinja, Renegade Hardware, Ram, and promoters such as Telepathy, One Nation, and Club Colosseum. Over the years, I have continued working as a freelancer on projects of all sizes.

Recently, I relocated to Auckland in 2020, where I have worked with various brands and companies, including Mudbrick, Crown hotel, ADLS, Leveret, and Mills. I have also provided freelance services to companies such as Insight and TWG. Currently, I am splitting my time between Auckland and London, and my recent projects include The World Remagined, a cultural project spanning several cities in the UK. Additionally, I have undertaken several jobs for UK-based comapanies, artists and photographers.

If you are interested in learning more about me or if you would like to discuss how I could help your business establish a strong online presence, please feel free to reach out to me for an informal chat.

Tools of the trade

Figma / NextJs / Wordpress / PHP / Javascript / Webflow / Shopify / Woocommerce / Illustrator / Photoshop / Montana / Belton